About AK-Media Canada

What is AK-Media?

AK-Media is a Japanese media group based on the West Coast of Canada.
Founded by Akane who is known as the Tourism Vancouver Ambassador.

My Life in Vancouver // カナダ西海岸・バンクーバーに移住して

Who is AK?

Founder of AK-Media andAK-English
Tourism Vancouver Ambassador

Akane is an educator, entrepreneur and social media professional.

She started her own school in Japan (ak-english.com) and within 6 months had recruited and maintained over a 100 students with many more wishing to enroll.
After successfully founding and operating AK-English, Akane moved to Vancouver in 2017 and fell in love with its natural beauty.

Akane and AK-Media have become a social media phenomenon in Japan, having attracted over 800,000 followers on her various social media sites, leading her to an unexpected level of fame.

She has given lectures in Osaka, Tokyo and Vancouver. She is known for her determination and devotion to hard work and excellence.

2019, AK-Media launched a new web platform to provide more information regarding local tourism, fashion trends, lifestyle, language learning and traveling the world.

AK-Media Team

5bucks oji | Writer

He is the secret voice in AK videos.
He has spent over 25 years working in international Education in the both the private and public sector.

He and AK met in Osaka, Japan while he was living there and they have been stuck with each other since then. (No, they are not dating.)

Ayaka | Manager, Editor

Ayaka made a trip to Canada to visit her sister in 2007 and fell in love with the country.
She started her new adventure in Victoria, BC in 2017.

She is a skilled photographer and business person.
Ayaka is fascinated by AK’s vision and would love to contribute to her success.

Shiori | Writer



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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Tourism Vancouver

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Pink Martini in Toronto

カナダ・トロント発のお洋服ブランド「Pink Martini Collection」

Room Tour in Vancouver

新居インテリア公開 in バンクーバー【Room Tour】

Crust Bakery in Victoria


Moores Bakery in Vancouver

【ランチorおやつ】バンクーバーの地元で人気のパン屋さん | AK-Media